In and Around the RUE d’HAUTEVILLE

This effervescent street is rich in surprises among of creative boutiques and first-rate adresses !


Multi-brand concept store opened from 4 years now, featuring a fabulous selection of clothes, accessories and decorative for women, men and kids at reasonable prices!

10 rue d’Hauteville, Paris 10e



2-Jamin Puech

Jamin Puech is a French artisanal handbag brand. Each piece is hand-crafted by our skilled artisans. It’s all about the detail. A must see during your stay if you’re into Fashion and want to bring home an unique fashionable souvenir from Paris!

61 rue d’Hauteville, Paris 10



3-L’atelier de Pablo

Decoration heaven with smooth prices, the place is a little Ali Baba cavern!
34 rue d’Hauteville



Parisian stylish owner shares her fav of the moment along expert advice! She is welcoming and kind ! +++ gentle prices and amazing jewlery.

31, rue d’Hauteville, Paris 10e



Dedicated to masculine elegance, Cinabre is master of the bowtie : reversible, in bandana or more classical! Have a look at the boutique decoration! A must in the street!

20, rue d’Hauteville Paris,  10e




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