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live like a localThank you for having selected one of our Lofts located in the Faubourgs-Marais district. All our Lofts are located in a 1789 historic building with a special story ! it was originally a convent, then in 1875 it was about to be destroyed to allow the Metro construction. Last minute an industrial investor of the fashion industry bought the place to convert it into workshops (leather, fashion, fur…) and even a Bakery on the street side.

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have a look at http://www.artisanloftsparis.com/ to book one of our loft ; )

You’re about to discover one of the most trendy and authentic area of Paris!  I know the area like my pocket and i am so happy to share with you the great, secret and NON touristy spots located between 5 to 15 minutes walking from your place!





This is my favorite bakery in the area ! Come early in the morning to discover bread and pastries to take away at your flat like Parisian do on the Sunday morning. Baguette and croissant are the must have in France, but I recommend to try the tradition baguette which is made without chemicals and also the pastry named “mille-feuille à la vanille” which is a Star product of the bakery. You’ll also find delicious macarons home made.
Note that Julhès is a family business who has made its reputation for years! They owned several shops in the same street as wine and cheese boutique with one of the largest choice of authentic products you can fine in the area.
Julhès // 54 rue du Faubourg Saint Denis // 5 min walking from your loft //


Edith Piaf, the famous French singer had her habits there because her lover, the boxer Marcel Cerdan trained in a gym place just around the corner! The authentic café has an incredible atmosphere! a Must try during your Parisian experience! Only locals here!paris-boulangerieroom-likealocalparis-jeannette1


Chez Jeannette // 47 rue du Faubourg Saint Denis // 5 min walking from your loft // 


In Paris, you’ll find coffee everywhere in bistros, but honestly, not the good ones ! A new wave of baristas and coffee pros arrived 3 years ago in the neighborhood and you’re lucky, it is full of micro-coffee shop treasures.

.Café Lanni.


This small shop is a coffe specialist. It is open since 1947 and is a place known only by locals ! This coffee roaster offers a fine selection of coffees from around the world and a large tea selection. Good news is the espresso to go is only 1.10€ !

Lanni // 54 rue du Faubourg Saint Denis // 5 min walking from your loft //


Parisians get lunch from 12am to 2pm ! The crowded time is 1pm. There are so many places I want to recommend in the area ! Let’s try with my favorites of the moment.


“Gros” means “FAT” in English, but do not worry you’ll find here only fresh and delicious food! Gros is a  Brand new spot of the area, good price-quality and creativity.
Prices range are 20 to 40€.


GROS // 4 cour des petites écuries, Paris 10th // 5 min walking from your loft //


The place is welcoming and food is great, with some Spanish influences for tapas.
The menu is made of fresh and quality products. Good vibes!
Prices range are 20 to 40€.



FARAGO // 11 cour des petites écuries, Paris 10th // 5 min walking from your loft // 
Brunch on Sundays noon-4pm

 .LE 52.


Le 52 offers a very selective menu with local and seasonal food, the dishes are Art work ! Think to come early or book to be sure to eat there ; )
A good idea for Parisian breakfast, light lunch or Romantic dinner!

Prices range are 30€ to 50€.

Le 52 // 52 rue du Faubourg Saint Denis, Paris 10th // 5 min walking from your loft //
Mon-Sun 8am-1am

.Jah Jah.

Need to cool down and forget the speed of the city ? this spot is for you! This cantine is a must do for Vegan and “Free” Foodies. Atmosphere is very friendly & Healthy.
Located 5min walk from Le Marais Mini-Lofts, this place may become your Parisian cantine : )



Prices range are 10€ to 30€
Jah Jah // 
11 rue des petites écuries, Paris 10th // 5 min walking from your loft /



You’ll find plenty of easy take away, I recommend to try exotic ones as the area is a real mix of cultural treasures!


One of the best take away in the area ! You will notice with the queue there at lunch!
They prepare right in front of you the most delicious Kurdish sandwichs  ! Choose your protéine beef, chicken, lamb and taste. Veggie options & pizzas too : )



Sandwich from 2.5€ to 7€
Urfa Durum // 56 rue du Faubourg Saint Denis, Paris 10th // 5 min walking from your loft //Mon-Sun 12am-9pm


Corsica is a french Island close to Italy with delicious specialties to discover. You’ll find Corsican sandwiches ( Cheese, Ham and veggie) with menu for 10€ with sandwich + drink + dessert ! Great deal! Also lots of our guests came here for a drink at night ; )


Terra Corsa // 1 cour des petites écuries /5 min walking from your loft //

// A SECRET ADDRESS like a Local //

.Du pain et des idées.

This bakery has been elected “best bakery of Paris. It is is famous for its “pain des amis” ( friend’s bread). Christophe the inventive baker uses organic farines and no machine. Everything is made by hands. The first opened in 1870 and Christophe conserve the bakery as authentic has he could with old mirror ceiling.



Du pain et des idées // 34 rue de Yves Toudic // 15 min walking from your loft
Mon-Fri 7am-8am 


Christophe Michalak is THE most famous chef Pâtissier in France and has been elected best chef in the WORLD!!! He is the former Pâtissier of the Plaza Athénée hotel and owns several pastries concepts in Paris. You are so lucky, he has just opened is first take away pastries concept store just 5 min from your loft!
Pastries are presented is a bottle (6€) You must try it is worth it!



You can also take a pastry masterclass (in french) 3h class is 120€. http://www.christophemichalak.com/

Michalak Take away // 60 rue du Faubourg Poissonnière // 5 min walking from your loft
 Tue-Sat 12am-7pm 


FOODIE ALERT : This is one of the best secret address of Paris, located 10min walking from your place in a little hidden street close to rue Montorgueil. In Rue du Nil you will find tremendous Organic shops, 2 restaurants named Frenchie and Frenchie to go! A must in Paris for all Foodies ; ) Reservation mandatory for the Frenchie restaurant.


Frenchie // 5 Rue du nil  // 10 min walking from your loft


I recommend to try all the places that are located in an hidden street, with quite no cars named Cour des petites écuries !!! it is the former place where the famous Napoleon left all the horses. ( Small stables)


One of the oldest terrace bar with Happy hour and lots of people! Come early to get a place to seat and enjoy the ballet of locals : )



Bleu Cerise // 6 Cour des petites écuries // 5 min walking from your loft //

*Family Friendly


A good time to have dinner in Paris is 8pm  / 8.30pm. If you want to be sure to eat come early, if you want to feel the Parisian atmosphere at dinner but better book a table ; )


All the guests we sent there just LOVED IT ! Hope you will feel the same about it.

Food is Mediterranean with a modern twist, with the best and freshest ingredients being delivered daily. It changes regularly according to what is in season and features vegetarian dishes as well as meat and fish. The place has an amazing decor with cosy atmosphere! There are good for food but also very famous for cocktails! so I would recommend to go at night to try one of them : )

Price range 30€ to 60€



Have a look at their Facebook page here https://www.facebook.com/Bonhomieparis and don’t forget to book in advance : )

Bonhomie // 22, rue d’Enghien, 75010 Paris// 5min Walk from your place

.Brasseries FLODERER.

In an authentic 19e Brasserie, FLODERER is a gastronomic restaurant with typical cuisine and seafood. People come from all areas of Paris to eat here, so you’ll find here tourists as the place is one of the oldest famous brasserie in Paris.
Escargots and Foie gras, crêpes and profiteroles chocolat are my favorites.
Price range  30 to 50€ / person.


Brasseries FLODERER // 7 cour des petites écuries // 5 min walking from your loft


The best deal of the area. the restaurant is linked to the chic Hotel de Nell! You’ll find a 37€ menu composed of entry, main dish and dessert. For the quality it is just WONDERFUL! Try the Soufflé in Dessert, one of the specialty of the chef ; )
Prices range are 37 to 60€.


CONSERVATOIRE RÉGALADE // 9 Rue du Conservatoire Paris 9th // 4 min walking from your loft


This Italian bistro is different from all the others! The place is stylish, chic and classy. The food is AMAZING and as pizza’s and antipasti lovers we were not disappointed !!! Totally recommended if you are craving for Pizza !
Prices range are 15 to 30€.

They also open at 8am every morning (except Sundays) with a “Collazione” ( breakfast).

zazza zazza2
            Zazza italian bistro // 18 rue du Faubourg Poissonnière, 10e // 2 min walking from   your loft //

*Family Friendly



Organic food only, this vegan spot is the temple of healthy food : )
located 5min from your place!
Prices range are 25€ to 40€.



SUPER NATURE // 8, 12 & 15 rue de Trévise // 5 min walking from your loft // 



DIM SUM paradise & options gluten free menu  : )


Chez ann// 29 rue de l’Echiquier 75010 Paris // 1 min walk from your loft

 You want to discover more spots ? HERE all our latest spots in ALL Paris! 


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